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aloysius ihezie

The Founding Member of The Ihezie Foundation

"Who is aloysius ihezie?"

A little about me

I am The founder of Ihezie Foundation. This is a charitable foundation aimed at improving education for children worldwide. There are a lot of unused books within the UK and books are a significant way to influence someone’s learning. 

Image: Who is Aloysius Ihezie?
Aloysius Ihezie Giving a Speech
"What is the Ihezie Foundation about?"

The Ihezie Foundation

The Ihezie Foundation helps people to get out of poverty by giving them an opportunity. We do this by providing a wider access to educational books and learning materials. We believe this is a necessity and that all people are entitled to learn.

This is my vision that I would like to pass on so that people can have a chance to obtain freedom and then pass it on where other people can benefit passing on the knowledge.  

"When did you establish the foundation?"

The Launch of The ihezie foundation

I was driven to provide for the people in order to fight against poverty, improve literacy and numeracy in Africa. After gaining support from many friends and families and a network of people, we were able to officially launch the charity on the Tuesday 27th October 2015. The charity now operates worldwide including within the UK.

Image: The Launch of Ihezie Foundation
Image: The Launch, Base and the Connections
"Where did aloysius ihezie launch the charity? where is he based and where exactly does he provide?"

The Launch, the base and the connections

The Ihezie Foundation was officially launched in London, and the event was attended by hundeds of guests and supporters from around the world. We have then expanded our services from Britain all the way to Africa, and are continuing to help new areas with plans to expand further to surrounding areas and countries.

"Why did you establish the foundation?"

why did i establish the foundation?

Poverty is something which should be eradicated and we need to do something about it. Why work in one place where you can connect and work with others? Doing what we do is important as it helps extend the knowledge of the unfortunate to be a part of the bigger picture and not be left alone for the rest of their lives.

Image: Why did i establish the foundation?